Commercial Shipment

We provide shipping by air to major cities all over the world, more than 220 countries.

Air freight can be separated into three main categories:

  • Freight that rides on passenger airlines
  • Freight that rides on dedicated cargo planes
  • Huge payloads that ride in super cargo planes

We support with all the commercial paper work needed for transporting goods from India to and other countries. If necessary we appoint a agent to help our customer for prepair the commercial paper work. All you need to do, Give us a call or email us to get assistance.


Basic Paper work needed for a Commercial Shipment :

  • Invoice Copy 6 nos (letter head)
  • Packing List 6 nos (letter head)
  • SLI (shippers Letter Of Instruction)
  • SDF (Self Declairation Format)
  • KYC
  • EVD (Export Value Declaration)
  • Non DG Declairation
  • ARE 1
  • MSDS